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Artist Statement

          I am constantly moved by sharing the beauty and wonder of art with others, especially children. In my own work, I am inspired and driven by the materials themselves. Each piece of my art has its own story, The process of wool painting is intricate and unpredictable, consisting of composing and felting many layers of wool. I work with hand dyed natural wool in a wide spectrum of jewel like colors. Each strand of colorful wool attracts all the senses. The eye is drawn to the colors, just as we respond to the spectrum of colors of oil paint.  Our fingers respond to the warmth and softness of its touch. Even the smell of the wool is warm and comforting, like that of the earth.  Each artwork changes and grows as I work with it, living its own life and talking with me throughout its process of creation. The art piece shapes itself - it is difficult to predict the result. That unpredictability and my dialogue with the materials is exciting and inspiring for me. The evolving art piece may be an abstract image or it may become an animal, a landscape, or flowers. It is the process itself, my deep connection to the materials themselves and the inspiration of the world around us that draws me forward and informs my work.