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        Viktoriya Pattison was born in Vladivostok, a green and bustling port city overlooking Golden Horn Bay on the west coast of Russia. Viktoriya’s avid interest in the arts, including drawing, painting, sewing and knitting, was evident from her early childhood. She was enrolled in a professional art school at the age of nine, widening her repertoire to include tapestry, dyeing, batik and silk and oil painting. By age nineteen, having earned recognition for her talent and dedication, she was assisting her art professor with private commissions. Viktoriya went on to earn a four-year degree in art with a major in oil painting. Post college, she worked for fifteen years as a children’s art teacher, continuing to work in a variety of art mediums. Viktoriya moved to the United States in 2007 and settled near Seattle, WA, which, like her birth place, is surrounded by green hills and jagged mountains and sits beside a sparkling network of bays.

        Viktoriya currently works in wool painting, creating colorful and intricate images using wool felting techniques. Originating in Central Asia around 600 BCE, felting is both a functional and decorative art form.  In Viktoriya’s hands it is the expression of the culmination of her many explorations in art. Inspired by the materials themselves, the unpredictability of the multi-stepped process, and the beauty of the world around us, Viktoriya draws on her vast and multi-cultural experience in art to make complex paintings in wool.

        To create the work, she lays out strands of wool in multiple layers, building them up slowly in an intuitive process which is informed by the materials themselves. As an image gradually comes into focus, Viktoriya allows the wool itself to draw her forward to continue to build up the piece. When satisfied with its look and feel, she felts it by rolling it with soapy water repeatedly, which results in a colorful and tactile image with a three-dimensional quality.